God is the Spectator

29 Aug

I shall enter His gates with Praise………..

Today as we go to our places of worship consider this. When people attend a sporting or music event they pay to see the event. The concessions charge twice as much for the beverages and food as its worth and we stay there for hours at a time and are glad to be there. When our team or person does well we stand and cheer and give our neighbors a high five.

I believe that our God the one that sent His only son who died on the cross for our sin deserves more than what we give to a human for their abilities and achievements. We can go into the House of the Lord for free choosing any particular church or place that believers congregate. The one who gave it all deserves us to give Him our all in praise and worship.

Oh God let me remember to be thankful and to give you all praise whether by singing praise the best I can, raising my hands, clapping my hands or by bowing humbly before you. Let me not worry what others may think but let me please you. Oh God you are AWESOME and so very good to me.

God let me perform today to please you as you are the spectator that sits on the thorn in heaven watching us as we enter into your house to give you the honor and praise only you deserve.

We are Blessed and Highly Favored God.


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