God May be Calling

20 Aug

I don’t know about you but I do believe God still speaks to us today as he did to His people that we can read about in the Bible. His voice may not come from a burning bush or even as a visitation from an angel but I do believe he still speaks to us today.

I can give you four examples of how I feel God speaks today

  1. I believe that it can come from a sermon that a pastor preaches. After you hear it you feel as though the pastor had been speaking only to you and it was exactly what you needed right at a moment you needed a word from him. It may be a word that encourages or it could be one of correction. But for you it came as clearly as if he had spoken it directly to you in an audible voice.
  2. I have found God speaks to me through close friends and sometimes a stranger. A word comes when I needed and may be totally off the wall. It makes no sense to anyone but for me it was a clear word that I needed to hear.
  3. God also uses my wife to speak to me. She will be talking about something and all of a sudden she will say something that will answer a prayer for me or something that I needed God to answer me on. God confirms things to me many times through her.
  4. And sometimes God speaks when we actually take time to read His word and pray. He will answer us in our heart as we seek him and have blocked out everything else but him.

Today it is very difficult for us to hear God speak. The internet allows us to chat instantly to people all around the world or to send an email at the push of a button. We can also use our cell phones and talk to anyone anywhere or send a text message to them and often get a response back in immediately. Our world has become so filled with noise that it is easy for us to become so busy and wrapped up in it that we couldn’t hear God speaking if he YELLED down from heaven at us. I believe God has a quiet voice and waits for us to BE STILL and listen for him to speak.

God is also a jealous God and he will not compete with anything or anyone that we place over Him. Our stuff can become so precious to us and or we can become so preoccupied that God is pushed out of our lives. All the things of the world become idols and God will not compete with any idol for our attention.

I will say this that God has never spoken to me in an audible voice as he did to some of the people we read about in the Bible but I believe that if he could speak that way to me if he chooses to.

I have often awakened from a deep sleep and think Gosh I wish I hadn’t woke up I was sleeping so good why am I now lying here awake. Once I realize that maybe God wants to speak and have time with me I get up and go into a place that I can be alone with him. It is in those times that I find myself listening harder for him as I sit alone in the darkness of the early morning. I am alone now and not too busy for him and I can begin to feel his presence and He becomes so real to me. It is in that time that he has my total attention. I will sometimes start to pray for someone that comes to my mind and sometimes He uses the time to bring something to my mind that he wants me to change in my life. Either way after I seek Him I do find the peace that I need to rest and go on.

When God decided that it was time to appoint Samuel as priest to replace Eli God called him during the night while he was sleeping. Could it have been that Samuel like us today are too busy during the day that God called him at night while he was sleeping?

I Samuel 3: 4- “Then the Lord called Samuel. Samuel answered, “Here I am.” And he ran to Eli and said, here I am; you called me?” But Eli said, no I did not call you go back and lie down. So he went back and lay down.

The Lord called Samuel three times before Eli realized that it was God that was calling Samuel. I pray God don’t let me miss any call you send to me no matter how you chose to speak and at any hour.



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