God You are the Potter

24 Aug

Can the pot say to the potter,”He knows nothing.”? Isaiah 29:16. In the hustle and bustle of life today it is easy for us to neglect God and go on about or day without considering him. When we neglect God it is no different than saying we know best. God created us and He knows the plans that He has for us and they will prosper us and put us in the places that we were designed to operate best in.

Just as a potter shapes the pot on the potter’s wheel God continuously works on us everyday. He smooths out the imperfections and design us to be His best piece. Gods vision for us goes further than we can imagine today. We look at today primarily based on our past but God created us and he see the finished piece.

The next time someone does or says something to upset or offend you, Take a moment and ask God how this enters his plan for you. If we take time to speak to God first he can make the situation work into his plan, if we react based on what we think first it is sure to be outside of Gods plan. As we do our own thing it will take God longer to create the perfect piece that he saw when we were born.

Oh God help ME today seek your vision in the circumstances I face today, not MINE!


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