Walking in the Light

23 Aug

I’m sure that you have heard someone say something concerning walking in the light. As I began to give this some thought I wanted to know what it was that God really meant concerning walking in the light. I found over 75 verses that refer to light in the Old and New Testament.

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth………….darkness was over the surface of the deep…….. And God said let there be light and there was light”. The story of creation starts off with God creating light. The light had to be first in order that everything else created could be seen because there was darkness over the surface of the deep. This is how it is described in the chapter Gensis 1:1-3.

If you study different verse in the Bible pertaining to light you will find that after God created the light the scriptures that follow the creation refer to the light as being Gods glory that he cast down upon man. When Moses met God on the mountain and he came back down Moses face shown so bright from being with God it was reads that Gods glory shown and his face. It was so bright from the glow that the people had to turn away from him. They could not look at the light that had fallen on Moses face after he had been with God.

Going to the New Testament Jesus is called the light of the world and throughout Psalms you find light as being something that you walk in. I find that when I study and read Gods word daily it helps me to have the light that God gives in my life. The word is the light upon my path that I walk in and I can only have the light to walk in if I become familiar with what it and know what it says. “The Lord will be my light” Micah 7:8.

The closer I walk with Jesus the brighter the light around my life. If I begin to lose that brightness it is because I start to walk out of His light or He begins to move and I want to stay with the familiar and not allow him to make changes to or in my life.

Oh God let this be my prayer when darkness begins to fall upon my life awaken me to see you and don’t let me walk away from you or stand still when you begin to move in my life. Let your Glory be seen through my life today.


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