05 Sep

How does one find contentment in the world today? Unemployment is soaring to record highs, the economy has all but sunk to record lows and relationships fail all around us. Back in the 70’s a song was popular named “Don’t Worry Be Happy” and with a simple whistle and lyrics as easy to sing as the whistle to the song made folks back then feel good as they heard it and went around singing it. I believe that we aren’t happy sing because we are happy but we are happy because we sing. Its about Attitude (the I is in the middle of it).

Our pastor has been doing a study on UNTHINKLABLE apart from God, this is from a series that David Cousins has done. It focuses on Paul’s writings in Philippians. The study shows us things that have happened in peoples life and how they can go through the difficulty and tragedies and remain at Peace. I feel Peace is something that we all struggle for at times in our lives. Apart from God we can’t find real peace and if we aren’t at a place were we aren’t at peace now we are headed for that place and it will come to us all,

We can find several things in Philippians 4:4-9 that can help us to find Peace and help us to Not worry and be Happy. These verses contain 5 things that if we believe them and practice them we can begin to find the true rest that God wants each of us to have. They are RPCEP;

1.Rejoice in the Lord – Phil 4:4
2.Pray About Everything – Phil 4:4-7
3.Celebrate Thanksgiving Everyday – Phil 4:6
4.Embrace Gods Truth – Phil 4:8
5.Practice these Things – Phil 4:9

I plan to write and consider each of these 5 things throughout this week.

God I pray that I will remember to apply the 4 principles above starting today and take step 5 and Just Do It when struggles come into my life. I believe that with your help I can and the Holy Spirit will quicken me to be able to each day from this day forward.


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