Heaven or Hell

02 Sep

I often wonder if most people consider death and what happens after you die? I suspect that there are many people that probably don’t consider this or God on a regular basis but I think about eternity. I hope you don’t get the idea that I am a morbid thinking person but I do consider eternity on a regular basis. I pray for my family and friends that they also will consider eternity and make choices and plans as to where they will spend eternity.

I believe that each of us are unique and that God placed a work in each of us. The only way we can truly know that work is to walk with him according to His word. DNA proves that we are unlike any other person living or that has lived before. If God gave us something as unique as DNA to tell us apart then it must also be true that he has a work for each of us that is not like another s.

God realized too that because He gave us a free will that we might decide to go our own way and do what is right in our own minds. Sin plays a part in the world since the fall of mankind that occurred in the garden out of mans disobedience. However there is His plan for redemption.

I believe that there will be a place we go when we die that we will spend eternity at Heaven or Hell. I would rather believe in Jesus Christ and walk daily with him than allow earthly desires to send me to Hell because I don’t believe. If there is no eternity to spend in heaven or Hell then I still win by believing. However if there is an eternity and I live in unbelief and end up in Hell then I lose in life and death. God’s plan and desire for my life is wasted and I go to Hell for eternity because I didn’t accept Jesus.

God in His all knowing wisdom created the plan from the beginning in order that we might believe in the death of His son Jesus Christ and that he rose on the third day and now sits on the right hand of the Father. Jesus is ever interceding for us and all we need to do is by Faith believe that. It was finished on the cross and Jesus made the way for us all to spend eternity in heaven with Him.

Jesus Christ lived and died for you so my prayer today is that you will consider that and accept Him.


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