05 Nov

a different outcome? Why are we so blind that we can’t learn from our past? It is true that history repeats itself, read back through history and proves it to yourself that this is a true statement. This being so if we find ourselves in a mess then what is it we did? Will we keep doing it and go back to that same mess? I can’t get out of it on my own. I have to ask God, “shine your light on what it is that I keep doing to get in this mess”.

On that same thought look at the mess this country is in now. The United States has all but removed God from everything and what a mess we are. This nation was built on our forefathers desire to be free from religious tyranny and to become free to worship God the way they chose. If our forefathers realized this why are our leaders so blind they don’t see that they can’t make decisions without Gods help?

If you really study history books and the bible nations that were once great fell when they turned away from God……………………Oh my God, our country is at that point now. However the good news is God has not turned his back on his people and his people are those that aren’t afraid to say that we need him. We need God in our lives and in the decisions we make daily. Go ahead try to live your life without him and I assure you it will become a mess. God made each of us in his image and we were made to need him, worship him and acknowledge him. If he cares for the sparrow that does not work or seems so small then how much more does he care for us?

Today don’t start your day or go through your day and not tell him that you need him but most of all tell him you want him to rule your life.


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