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Steps of the RIGHTEOUS

28 Aug

Psalm 37:23 The Steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way.

Whom among us are righteous? No man is righteous without the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Our righteousness is as filthy rags according to the Word of God. So how and why then would God consider giving order to our steps?

Everything that we are taught in the Bible begins with the word FAITH. Without Faith we can’t believe the things of God however with a small amount of Faith “the size of a mustard seed” we can claim all of Gods promises. This includes what I am talking about now, Gods guiding everything we do and our paths.

Two years ago I accepted a job to leave a place of comfort and familiarity. My wife Sandy, daughter Katie and I headed for Pensacola Florida. When I say we walked in obedience to God we know beyond a shadow of doubt that it was Gods direction for us. We left our home state and all the rest of our family and friends to follow Gods calling. Please do not think that what I am saying is to glorifying us that is not what I am saying. What I am trying to explain is that sometimes just when we believe we are where we should be doing what are suppose to do God will make a changes if we listen and are willing to obey him, I refer to these changes as seasons.

Never did I expect to obey him and go there then in just two short years later find myself unemployed but that is what happened. WHY? Gods plan was bigger than the job He used to move us to Florida. God used those two years to grow us spiritually in Him and to allow us a new season of life. It could not have occurred had we not listened and obeyed Him.

We are now back in Virginia after being unemployed for 5 months and are again in a new season of life. Our daughter Katie is now married and in living with her husband in another state, two grandsons were born, my Dad passed away, our old church in VA has now moved into a new building and I’m in a new job. Just look at what God has done in our lives in just two short years. Am I saying that this might not have occurred had we not gone to Florida? We will never know but I do know that the season that we are in now doing what I am now could not be so had we not obeyed Gods move.

I look at the life of Moses and how God used a burning bush to get his attention and to speak to him to and direct his path. Moses lead Gods people from Egypt into their freedom and into the promised land. God used a pillar of fire to guide them by night and one of smoke to guide them by day.

When I consider righteousness and I look at myself I am not worthy for God to even consider me. However he does because of what Jesus did. Jesus was the only one that was and is righteous and because of His righteousness we too have been made righteous.

I pray that I don’t miss his voice and his light on my path today.

Thank you Jesus for making this possible and as I live today may I become better than yesterday and listen to the ever calling voice of God. May my path be lit by your word and my ears hear your commands and may I follow your word. In all I do.