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01 Nov

All the things I’m presently worrying about big as they may be are small compared to the Hope I’m given in my eternal reward

The words of Jesus as accounted in the book of John.

“Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God ; believe also in me. My Father’s house has many rooms; if that were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you?

John 14:1‭-‬2 NIV

So whatever it is today that seems to be as big as a mountain to us and we can’t seem to climb it. That is our perspective as we look from the base of that mountain. We have to remember this, God’s perspective is looking at that mountain from heaven down so it’s not as big to him as it is to us. God sees the top of that mountain already He can see the outcome. So we have to trust that God will take us step by step up that mountain to the top and over it. Through the to the outcome He has already planned for us if we let Him walk us step be step up an over.

I can’t count the number of applications I have completed on line since the beginning of October. Today is November 1 already. I’m still looking at this giant mountain and even though I’m still jobless and climbing that mountain to me I seem to be at the bottom still. I can feel God’s hand in my journey over this mountain.

As long as we are living on earth heart beating and lungs breathing God has a plan to get us by day to day. We need to do our part daily and leave the path up the mountain to Him and His outcome will be. Does he not feed the sparrow and cloth the lilies of the fields which are here today and gone tomorrow? How much more is His love for us that he will provide for all our needs?

In addition to the countless applications I’ve completed I’ve already had many interviews as well as phone interviews and yet Thank You Father I have one more this afternoon. Your Will Father.

Now back to completing my next on line job application.


MUCK Fight or Rest

08 Jul

Sometimes I just don’t feel good about life and or my self and during those times I find that I’m also not a very good husband, father, grandfather or friend. I find myself sinking in the mire of MUCK and the longer I sit in it the harder it is to get out of it. Some may call it self pity or having a bad day. During these times I have a hard time seeing good in anything in me or around me.

Usually I am up beat about my life and try to encourage others and help them also feel better about things in their life too. But today I’m not upbeat nor do I feel happy at this moment. Just like being in quick sand, not that I’ve been in that before but from what I know of it when you panic and fight to get out you go deeper and sink faster.

I attended church today and the praise and worship was awesome and we had a missionary from San Salvador sing and speak but something inside me was fighting for my attention and it wasn’t the Holy Spirit it was my flesh fighting to gain control. All the things that happened this past week, things that I worry about, the finances and what might happen tomorrow if, oh no the dreaded “IF” word. Those two letters I and F when placed together form a word that can send terror into the heart of even the strongest Christian and immobilize them into jellyfish not the warrior that we are in Him.

Another two letter word that the flesh uses to distract me from true joy is the M and E, “ME” when I get so focused on myself and how I feel I forget that a true servant focuses on others and their needs.

There are spiritual battles going on unseen to our human eyes and as we seek to draw closer to God and to do His will we often find our self questioning if what we believe and are trying to seek is real or not and worth it. So much of the world around us believes in the things that they can touch and see but for the Christian it goes beyond the five senses of sight, touch, seeing, hearing and smell. The word FAITH means believing in something not seen or without proof. Those unseen things are hard for us to trust and that is why as we Grow in Christ we must learn to rest in HIM during the times that we feel like the world around us is beginning to smother us and we are sinking in the MUCK of the world.

Matthew 11:28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”
These are the words of Jesus, He said “I” will not the world, not you, not your spouse or family HE will provide for me rest when and IF I take the first step to him.

Just as Jesus had to surrender his will to the Father we too have to become servants not seekers of our own selfish desires if we are too find true peace and Joy for our life.

Matthew 26:42 He went away a second time and prayed, “My Father, if it is not possible for this cup to be taken away unless I drink it, may your will be done.”

It has been many months since I have posted anything to my site. During this time I have felt that God was placing a desire in my heart to write a book to share many of my life experiences and how He has helped me make it through many things that if it had not been for Him I know I could not have gotten through them. I am praying that what I will write will be Him and not me as I share what I call G.C.P.P. and acronym for Gods Calling, Purpose and Plan.

As I continue to pray and seek God in this endeavor I ask that you remember me in your prayers too that any and everything that I may write or say would give the Father God all glory.



05 Nov

a different outcome? Why are we so blind that we can’t learn from our past? It is true that history repeats itself, read back through history and proves it to yourself that this is a true statement. This being so if we find ourselves in a mess then what is it we did? Will we keep doing it and go back to that same mess? I can’t get out of it on my own. I have to ask God, “shine your light on what it is that I keep doing to get in this mess”.

On that same thought look at the mess this country is in now. The United States has all but removed God from everything and what a mess we are. This nation was built on our forefathers desire to be free from religious tyranny and to become free to worship God the way they chose. If our forefathers realized this why are our leaders so blind they don’t see that they can’t make decisions without Gods help?

If you really study history books and the bible nations that were once great fell when they turned away from God……………………Oh my God, our country is at that point now. However the good news is God has not turned his back on his people and his people are those that aren’t afraid to say that we need him. We need God in our lives and in the decisions we make daily. Go ahead try to live your life without him and I assure you it will become a mess. God made each of us in his image and we were made to need him, worship him and acknowledge him. If he cares for the sparrow that does not work or seems so small then how much more does he care for us?

Today don’t start your day or go through your day and not tell him that you need him but most of all tell him you want him to rule your life.


Heaven or Hell

02 Sep

I often wonder if most people consider death and what happens after you die? I suspect that there are many people that probably don’t consider this or God on a regular basis but I think about eternity. I hope you don’t get the idea that I am a morbid thinking person but I do consider eternity on a regular basis. I pray for my family and friends that they also will consider eternity and make choices and plans as to where they will spend eternity.

I believe that each of us are unique and that God placed a work in each of us. The only way we can truly know that work is to walk with him according to His word. DNA proves that we are unlike any other person living or that has lived before. If God gave us something as unique as DNA to tell us apart then it must also be true that he has a work for each of us that is not like another s.

God realized too that because He gave us a free will that we might decide to go our own way and do what is right in our own minds. Sin plays a part in the world since the fall of mankind that occurred in the garden out of mans disobedience. However there is His plan for redemption.

I believe that there will be a place we go when we die that we will spend eternity at Heaven or Hell. I would rather believe in Jesus Christ and walk daily with him than allow earthly desires to send me to Hell because I don’t believe. If there is no eternity to spend in heaven or Hell then I still win by believing. However if there is an eternity and I live in unbelief and end up in Hell then I lose in life and death. God’s plan and desire for my life is wasted and I go to Hell for eternity because I didn’t accept Jesus.

God in His all knowing wisdom created the plan from the beginning in order that we might believe in the death of His son Jesus Christ and that he rose on the third day and now sits on the right hand of the Father. Jesus is ever interceding for us and all we need to do is by Faith believe that. It was finished on the cross and Jesus made the way for us all to spend eternity in heaven with Him.

Jesus Christ lived and died for you so my prayer today is that you will consider that and accept Him.


God Bless the Day

31 Aug

Before my feet hit the floor, before the day becomes crowded by its noise, I want stop and ask God to Bless the Day. This thought and words are from Charles Billingsley who I believe is one of the greatest praise and worship leaders of all time. It is so true that we can get up and begin our day without asking God this or even acknowledging Him at all. We often times hit the snooze button time again and again and before we know it we are late and have to rush through just getting to work on time,

I have tried to make for it a point for many years to be an early riser and to give myself more than enough time to get ready for the day and have time alone with my Father. Its not always easy to do because I also want to snooze a little longer each time the alarm goes off but I have found that getting up allows me time ALONE when no one else is up and there is no noise except the sound of the clock ticking and the sound of the refrigerators hum……………………………….Peace and stillness abides,and I can truly find the still voice of God my Father.

What the writer is saying in the song Bless The Day however is that even before my feet hit the ground I should awaken and say Thank You God for this day and Bless it. Without exception God has given us a new day today no matter what we struggled with yesterday and what we may struggle with today it is a day to be grateful for. God himself has breathed His very breath into you this day and without that we die. He has given us this day and we should rejoice and praise Him for it.

On my face book page today I found this entry by Robin Farmer Davis ‎”I’ve never met a bitter person who was thankful. Or a thankful person who was bitter. ” how true. How often have you come across someone that was difficult to be around and you either asked them or thought to yourself that they must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed that day. I would say that they forgot to acknowledge the creator and give thanks to Him for the day before they put a foot on the floor.

Habits are hard to establish even breaking bad ones but I know that if I make myself do this each day I become a happier person and more thankful to my Father for all He has done for me in my life. It has been said that we have to do something for 21 days in order for it to become a habit Try going to bed at night and thanking God for the day that has past and tell Him that when He wakes you up in the morning that you want to before your feet hit the floor to thank Him for the day. Do this for 21 days and see if you don’t become happier and less stressed. The more we praise God for His Blessings the easier it is to see them and realize them as they come into our life, the simplest of them is waking up to a new day.


God is the Spectator

29 Aug

I shall enter His gates with Praise………..

Today as we go to our places of worship consider this. When people attend a sporting or music event they pay to see the event. The concessions charge twice as much for the beverages and food as its worth and we stay there for hours at a time and are glad to be there. When our team or person does well we stand and cheer and give our neighbors a high five.

I believe that our God the one that sent His only son who died on the cross for our sin deserves more than what we give to a human for their abilities and achievements. We can go into the House of the Lord for free choosing any particular church or place that believers congregate. The one who gave it all deserves us to give Him our all in praise and worship.

Oh God let me remember to be thankful and to give you all praise whether by singing praise the best I can, raising my hands, clapping my hands or by bowing humbly before you. Let me not worry what others may think but let me please you. Oh God you are AWESOME and so very good to me.

God let me perform today to please you as you are the spectator that sits on the thorn in heaven watching us as we enter into your house to give you the honor and praise only you deserve.

We are Blessed and Highly Favored God.


Steps of the RIGHTEOUS

28 Aug

Psalm 37:23 The Steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way.

Whom among us are righteous? No man is righteous without the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Our righteousness is as filthy rags according to the Word of God. So how and why then would God consider giving order to our steps?

Everything that we are taught in the Bible begins with the word FAITH. Without Faith we can’t believe the things of God however with a small amount of Faith “the size of a mustard seed” we can claim all of Gods promises. This includes what I am talking about now, Gods guiding everything we do and our paths.

Two years ago I accepted a job to leave a place of comfort and familiarity. My wife Sandy, daughter Katie and I headed for Pensacola Florida. When I say we walked in obedience to God we know beyond a shadow of doubt that it was Gods direction for us. We left our home state and all the rest of our family and friends to follow Gods calling. Please do not think that what I am saying is to glorifying us that is not what I am saying. What I am trying to explain is that sometimes just when we believe we are where we should be doing what are suppose to do God will make a changes if we listen and are willing to obey him, I refer to these changes as seasons.

Never did I expect to obey him and go there then in just two short years later find myself unemployed but that is what happened. WHY? Gods plan was bigger than the job He used to move us to Florida. God used those two years to grow us spiritually in Him and to allow us a new season of life. It could not have occurred had we not listened and obeyed Him.

We are now back in Virginia after being unemployed for 5 months and are again in a new season of life. Our daughter Katie is now married and in living with her husband in another state, two grandsons were born, my Dad passed away, our old church in VA has now moved into a new building and I’m in a new job. Just look at what God has done in our lives in just two short years. Am I saying that this might not have occurred had we not gone to Florida? We will never know but I do know that the season that we are in now doing what I am now could not be so had we not obeyed Gods move.

I look at the life of Moses and how God used a burning bush to get his attention and to speak to him to and direct his path. Moses lead Gods people from Egypt into their freedom and into the promised land. God used a pillar of fire to guide them by night and one of smoke to guide them by day.

When I consider righteousness and I look at myself I am not worthy for God to even consider me. However he does because of what Jesus did. Jesus was the only one that was and is righteous and because of His righteousness we too have been made righteous.

I pray that I don’t miss his voice and his light on my path today.

Thank you Jesus for making this possible and as I live today may I become better than yesterday and listen to the ever calling voice of God. May my path be lit by your word and my ears hear your commands and may I follow your word. In all I do.


Good vs Bad

27 Aug

There is a good and bad Cleve and I pray that God will keep his Holy Spirit working and dealing with me so that the good grows bigger and the bad becomes less and dies. As Paul said I have to crucify my self (bad parts) daily in order to allow the good to come out.


There are many times that I have total control over my actions and tongue and should just stop before I act or speak. In those times I have to remember the Golden rule Gods command, “Do unto others as I would have them do unto me”. Many times its me that is selfish and others have done no wrong against me, Those are the times I call, “Its about me”. In those times I have to remember what God did when he sent his son Jesus to die on the cross for me. I know that God would have sent Jesus just for me had I been the only one however there are others (everyone of us) that he did that for. So Its not about me but about every person on this “People Planet” as my former Pastor Joey Rogers would have said referring to the world. This world is not about a place but a house that people occupy and there are so many people both family and friends that we all know that are lost (hell bound) and need someone to tell them about the love of Jesus.


So considering this why how can I allow the Bad to come out of me and into the places I go and keep his light from living in me? Jesus brought life to us and his life in us is his light and glory revealed through us as we go about our day


I also know that many times others deserve to receive from me something other than good or kindness, But what about me do I not deserve something other than what God has given me? I can resound a loud YES I don’t get from God what I deserve. He is so merciful to me everyday and shows me Grace beyond measure. The Good in me would have never been enough good to get me to heaven and the bad no matter how big it is will not keep me from going there as long as I recognize my need for the Grace and Mercy of my God in heaven. I have to accept Jesus and what he did on the cross to wash away the bad and open the door to the Father.


When I started this writing this it was really because I want to share about the Good vs Bad Cleve and how no matter how hard I try and how much I study to understand what I need to do in order to live a life pleasing to my Father, I fail miserably most of the time and actually was feeling down and defeated. However as I considered what God did for me and you it is so consuming when considered all I can do is say Thank you Father.


Gods grace and mercy is sufficient for us today and everyday to come………………………………….


My prayer today is one of thankfulness to my God the Father and creator and to Jesus Christ that died for us. Help me Holy Spirit today to spread goodness and stop my “Its about Me” Attitude. Help me to remove the big “I” from the middle of my AttItude.


God You are the Potter

24 Aug

Can the pot say to the potter,”He knows nothing.”? Isaiah 29:16. In the hustle and bustle of life today it is easy for us to neglect God and go on about or day without considering him. When we neglect God it is no different than saying we know best. God created us and He knows the plans that He has for us and they will prosper us and put us in the places that we were designed to operate best in.

Just as a potter shapes the pot on the potter’s wheel God continuously works on us everyday. He smooths out the imperfections and design us to be His best piece. Gods vision for us goes further than we can imagine today. We look at today primarily based on our past but God created us and he see the finished piece.

The next time someone does or says something to upset or offend you, Take a moment and ask God how this enters his plan for you. If we take time to speak to God first he can make the situation work into his plan, if we react based on what we think first it is sure to be outside of Gods plan. As we do our own thing it will take God longer to create the perfect piece that he saw when we were born.

Oh God help ME today seek your vision in the circumstances I face today, not MINE!


Walking in the Light

23 Aug

I’m sure that you have heard someone say something concerning walking in the light. As I began to give this some thought I wanted to know what it was that God really meant concerning walking in the light. I found over 75 verses that refer to light in the Old and New Testament.

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth………….darkness was over the surface of the deep…….. And God said let there be light and there was light”. The story of creation starts off with God creating light. The light had to be first in order that everything else created could be seen because there was darkness over the surface of the deep. This is how it is described in the chapter Gensis 1:1-3.

If you study different verse in the Bible pertaining to light you will find that after God created the light the scriptures that follow the creation refer to the light as being Gods glory that he cast down upon man. When Moses met God on the mountain and he came back down Moses face shown so bright from being with God it was reads that Gods glory shown and his face. It was so bright from the glow that the people had to turn away from him. They could not look at the light that had fallen on Moses face after he had been with God.

Going to the New Testament Jesus is called the light of the world and throughout Psalms you find light as being something that you walk in. I find that when I study and read Gods word daily it helps me to have the light that God gives in my life. The word is the light upon my path that I walk in and I can only have the light to walk in if I become familiar with what it and know what it says. “The Lord will be my light” Micah 7:8.

The closer I walk with Jesus the brighter the light around my life. If I begin to lose that brightness it is because I start to walk out of His light or He begins to move and I want to stay with the familiar and not allow him to make changes to or in my life.

Oh God let this be my prayer when darkness begins to fall upon my life awaken me to see you and don’t let me walk away from you or stand still when you begin to move in my life. Let your Glory be seen through my life today.



21 Aug

“Therefore I tell you, do not WORRY about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than food and the body more important than the clothes? Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?” Matthew 6:25-26.

I love reading the Bible and when I see red print I pay closer attention to what is written since they are the words that Jesus spoke. While reading in the book of Matthew coming to chapter 5, a large crowd began to draw near him and it is there that Jesus teaches the Beatitudes. As you read starting there beginning in verse 3 through chapter 8 Jesus speaks to the crowd. I find everything I need to live a happy and joy filled life. Jesus taught on how a Christian should be and live. Topics he taught on were; Salt and Light to the world, Fulfillment of the Law, Murder, Adultery, Love for Your Enemies, Giving to the Needy, Prayer, Fasting, Treasures in Heaven, Judging Others, Ask, Seek and Knock, A Tree and Its Fruit, The Wise and Foolish Builders as well as Worry.

Personally I can only imagine how wonderful it must have been to have been sitting in the crowd that day listening as Jesus spoke. I sometimes get impatient sitting in church for an hour and a half but I have to believe that Jesus taught all day and no one slept or day dreamed while He spoke.

Let me get back to my topic today on worry. I don’t know what you may be going through or what you worry about daily either. I can make a list as long as my arm of things that I worry about. I have realized that as one day goes and another comes that which I worried about yesterday faded and another took its place. As I have grown older I realize too that I really don’t control much about what I worry about anyway. However the more I worry about anything the more it effects me, my day and those around me. The effect is never a good one either.

I don’t mean to insinuate that I have mastered the art of not worrying but I have learned that it is easier when I go to Jesus in prayer and tell Him my worries. Its funny too that I think by telling Him my worries He is surprised or that He is learning something new. The fact is that Jesus already knows what I am worrying about now as well as He knows what I will be worrying about tomorrow too. Now that gives me peace and as I tell Him my worries begin to lighten to the point that I can function again.

My prayer today is that I learn to cast my troubles, all of them to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

“I have told you these things. So that you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33


God May be Calling

20 Aug

I don’t know about you but I do believe God still speaks to us today as he did to His people that we can read about in the Bible. His voice may not come from a burning bush or even as a visitation from an angel but I do believe he still speaks to us today.

I can give you four examples of how I feel God speaks today

  1. I believe that it can come from a sermon that a pastor preaches. After you hear it you feel as though the pastor had been speaking only to you and it was exactly what you needed right at a moment you needed a word from him. It may be a word that encourages or it could be one of correction. But for you it came as clearly as if he had spoken it directly to you in an audible voice.
  2. I have found God speaks to me through close friends and sometimes a stranger. A word comes when I needed and may be totally off the wall. It makes no sense to anyone but for me it was a clear word that I needed to hear.
  3. God also uses my wife to speak to me. She will be talking about something and all of a sudden she will say something that will answer a prayer for me or something that I needed God to answer me on. God confirms things to me many times through her.
  4. And sometimes God speaks when we actually take time to read His word and pray. He will answer us in our heart as we seek him and have blocked out everything else but him.

Today it is very difficult for us to hear God speak. The internet allows us to chat instantly to people all around the world or to send an email at the push of a button. We can also use our cell phones and talk to anyone anywhere or send a text message to them and often get a response back in immediately. Our world has become so filled with noise that it is easy for us to become so busy and wrapped up in it that we couldn’t hear God speaking if he YELLED down from heaven at us. I believe God has a quiet voice and waits for us to BE STILL and listen for him to speak.

God is also a jealous God and he will not compete with anything or anyone that we place over Him. Our stuff can become so precious to us and or we can become so preoccupied that God is pushed out of our lives. All the things of the world become idols and God will not compete with any idol for our attention.

I will say this that God has never spoken to me in an audible voice as he did to some of the people we read about in the Bible but I believe that if he could speak that way to me if he chooses to.

I have often awakened from a deep sleep and think Gosh I wish I hadn’t woke up I was sleeping so good why am I now lying here awake. Once I realize that maybe God wants to speak and have time with me I get up and go into a place that I can be alone with him. It is in those times that I find myself listening harder for him as I sit alone in the darkness of the early morning. I am alone now and not too busy for him and I can begin to feel his presence and He becomes so real to me. It is in that time that he has my total attention. I will sometimes start to pray for someone that comes to my mind and sometimes He uses the time to bring something to my mind that he wants me to change in my life. Either way after I seek Him I do find the peace that I need to rest and go on.

When God decided that it was time to appoint Samuel as priest to replace Eli God called him during the night while he was sleeping. Could it have been that Samuel like us today are too busy during the day that God called him at night while he was sleeping?

I Samuel 3: 4- “Then the Lord called Samuel. Samuel answered, “Here I am.” And he ran to Eli and said, here I am; you called me?” But Eli said, no I did not call you go back and lie down. So he went back and lay down.

The Lord called Samuel three times before Eli realized that it was God that was calling Samuel. I pray God don’t let me miss any call you send to me no matter how you chose to speak and at any hour.



19 Aug

If you were to survey 100 people and ask them if they could have one of the following 5 things in their life; Wealth, Health,  Happiness, True Love or Wisdom, I wonder how the survey might turn out? Would True Love or Wealth be the top of things desired most, or Happiness and Health? My guess is that no matter how these five came out in the survey, Wisdom would be ranked close to if not at the bottom of the five things that people would choose if they could have only one of the five.

When King David was drawing near to his death he appointed his son Solomon to be his successor. I Kings 2:1-4 ” When the time drew near for David to die, he gave a charge to Solomon his son. I am about to go the way of all the earth, he said. So be strong, show yourself a man, and observe what the Lord your God requires: Walk in his ways, and keep his decrees and commands, his laws and requirements as written in the Law of Moses, so that you may prosper in all you do and wherever you go,”.

Wow what a responsibility Solomon was given by his father David. He had some big shoes to fill following after his father King David. After all David had ruled the people many years and achieved much success during his time as king. God even called King David a “man after his own heart”.

Sometimes we focus on things that can vanish very quickly like True Love or Wealth. Other things like Happiness and Health may also disappear quickly too if things aren’t balanced in our life The fact is we need a balance in our life so that we are productive and have Joy on a daily basis.

I believe that if we draw close to Jesus Christ he creates a desire in us to want Wisdom and I’m not speaking of the wisdom of man but something much higher thanearthly knowledge. Please don’t take this as I’m knocking education because I am not. I do believe that when we walk daily with Jesus we begin to desire his Wisdom to live daily and will desire to serve Him and see the world as He does.

My oldest son Morgan told me yesterday that he thought I should write my opinion on the controversial issue concerning the Mosque that the Muslims want to build near ground zero in New York. I will opt out on this debate because I look at the issue as many people do that is from mans perspective and not Gods I don’t have the correct perspective and could only make a stand based on how I have been raised and influences from my culture. Gods command is that we love all people and to get along here but he also knows that this would not happen in every situation based on mans fall in the begining of creation in the garden.

However I am so glad that God in his all knowing wisdom created a way of escape and a way to him through the acceptance of His son Jesus Christ and that alone is all the Wisdom I really need in order to find everything in life to live my life in victory and have joy here while I live on earth.

I believe that when we accept Jesus Christ and know him as our Savior we become wiser and will desire his wisdom to live. His wisdom allows us to love all people even those we may disagree with. God did not create religions but man did. Man interprets God in his own way and develops rules based on what they think he meant.

I don’t claim to be all wise in what I know but I know Jesus and I believe that he will give us all the wisdom we need to live a happy and joy filled life if we listen and follow his commands and allow him to order our paths in life. This is a choice each of us make everyday with each decesion we make.

King Solomon asked God for Wisdom over everything else he could have had and it pleased God so much that God gave him all the rest. So my prayer today is that we grow in Gods wisdom and pray too that maybe something I wrote here will cause each of us to  seek after Godly wisdom every day.

“The glory of young men is their strength, gray hair is the splendor of the old” Proverbs 20:29 written I believe by King Solomon wisest man to have ever lived.


The Devil made me Do It

18 Aug

How many times have we said, “The Devil made me do it” or have we heard someone say it? When we say this I believe we are giving Satan credit that he doesn’t deserve. Satan would like to cause us to do things to go against God and His perfect will for us but it is our nature to want to please our self and do what feels good to us. It is our sinful nature that we were born in not Satan that makes us do what we want. In the times that we feel tempted just as Jesus did we should PRAY for strength and guidance in the choices and decisions that we make. It isn’t easy to do this as we go through our day this is why we must get up early before our day starts and Pray for our Day.

Jesus on many occasions did this as well as during the times that He was weak and worn out from the days teaching and work that He did. So if Jesus himself felt the need to find a quiet place ALONE to PRAY its only natural that we too must find the time and place that we can recharge ourselves and be ready for the day and be prepared to hear Gods still small voice as we go through our day.

I want to do good but it is my sinful nature that I am powerless because of my addictive behavior and compulsions, its not the Devil it is me.

Romans 7:8 says “I know that nothing good lives in me, that is, my sinful nature. For I have the desire to do what is good, but cannot carry it out”,

I must remember that Christ felt the need to Pray in the Garden when He was at His weakest moment and he Prayed Father if it is your will let this cup pass, however your will not mine be done. What a powerful example of submission and seeking the Father at a time when he knew what was going to happen in soon yet God gave Jesus what was needed for Him to continue on with Gods will and plan.

How much more should I pray and seek the Fathers will for my day when I have no idea what I will face today.


Who Do I Say He Is?

17 Jul

In a Gallup Poll conducted several years ago. Americans were asked who they thought Jesus was. Of those interviewed 70% said that he was not just another man; of those 42% stated that He was God; 27% believed He was only Human but was divinely called.

In the Gospels it was recorded that Jesus asked His Disciples that same question, “Who do you say  that I am?” and just like the recent Poll several responses came back from them but Peter said that He was the Christ son of God. In the book of Revelation Paul exiled on the isle of Patmos also had an encounter with someone but the encounter was with a someone that He recognized as Jesus whom he had walked with but the appearance of Jesus this time was different Jesus’s face shown like the sun and hair was white as snow. The Bible tells of His appearance in the book of revelation and it is one of a King in all His Glory that Honor is to be given.

So now I must ask myself the same question on a daily basis, “Who do I say He is?” If ignore a response today and live for myself and deny Jesus it will matter to no one except me but when I respond He is Jesus my Lord and Savior soon and coming King it changes my life today and forever as well as it will impact the lives of my family and friends and even people whom I come into contact with today.

I start a new job on Mon 7/19 and I ask you to be praying for me that as I do this new work that people would not see me but something inside of me that they desire and that I would be bold enough to share my Jesus with them.

One of the greatest tragedies in this life would be that we don’t get asked this question before we pass on from life. I can guarantee that when we pass on the question will be asked again but it will be asked like this,”Whom did you say that I was?” only at this point we will be on our knees in front of a risen King the King of glory!