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God Revealed

01 Sep

Everyday I try to start my day off by praying and believing that God is real and will watch over me this day. I do this first by asking God to bless the day when I first wake up before I ever get up, I then pray and seek Him and then by reading from His word. Even through I do all of this I sometimes question if I really know and can trust Him.

I attend church so that I can grow in Him. I listen to the pastor and take notes and highlight in my bible key phrases. I participate in bible study and fellowship with other believers and still sometimes l feel far from God and wonder if I know Him in the way I should.

I was reading my devotional today and it talked about Job and his life. He suffered through the loss of property, health, wealth and family for no apparent reason. When it seemed it couldn’t get any worse he began to question and complained to God. In an earlier chapter God had recolonized Job by saying he was upright and just, God knew Job but did Job really know God? I believe that as we read the story of Job God had blessed him because Job lived upright and did good things. What Job learned through time and struggles was how good God was and that no matter what happened he would remain faithful and love God.

Its like a marriage, only through difficult times can we truly see our spouse and what they are inside. A marriage grows stronger through years and commitment becomes deeper when you walk in hard times together. It is so easy to love someone when everything is good and you are on top of the world, but its in the hard times and struggles that we can know that our spouse is in it for life.

We can’t begin to totally appreciate God until we have adversity fall in upon our life. In these times we can walk away from Him or draw closer and rest upon Him. We can try to do it or fix it ourselves or we can raise our hands and reach to Him for what we need to endure.

In the 42 chapters of Job we can read the entire story but it was in Job 42:5 that I find the answer to handling struggles in my life, “My ears had heard of you but now my eyes have seen you”.

Through the hard times of life we draw closer to the ones we love and can really see them for who they are. God is unchanging towards us and we have to recognize Him as that, and what He wants to do in our lives. Sometimes we struggle because we disobey Him, sometimes we struggle because He wants to stretch us to teach us and in times that neither apply He wants to show us how great His love is for us if we will trust and rest in Him.

God, today let me look upon trials in a new way that is believing in you and trusting you that you know what is best for me.